5 November 2008

A New Day. A New Era.

It makes me proud to call myself an American today. I believe in Barack Obama and the administration that he will select to lead this country. I believe change is possible.

However, it makes me sad to call myself a Californian today. I am scared about what is going to happen with Proposition 8. I logged into latimes.com this morning to find that the measure is currently being approved by a margin of 52% to 48% with 95.4% of the precincts reporting. The L.A. Times is currently saying that it has passed. Read about it here. The N.Y. Times is echoing these sentiments. Read about it here.

Californians, what were you thinking?


  1. I am so confused. I looked at the picture on the LA Times. People are genuinely exuberant to BAN marriage between two people. I don't get it - to be so happy over someone else not being able to marry.

  2. I know, pretty unbelieveable. The "Yes on 8" camp is only thinking about themselves (which, if they're straight, this measure doesn't affect them) and *supposedly* they are so worried that their kids will have to learn about gay marriage in school. That belief turned out to be completely untrue, but they ran a bunch of ads as a scare tactic. It seems to have worked.

    For me, this is about the denial of civil rights, plain and simple. The people in that picture may be rejoicing, but they are, at the expense of denying others their civil rights. I hope there are legal options and protections out there to help same-sex couples now that this has passed. I'm sure it is a difficult and precarious time. I can't begin to imagine what they are going through.

  3. I'm sure that some people would vote to "ban" interracial or inter-religious marriages, even today. It just boggles me.



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