3 March 2009

Got a Tall Groomie...

...and an uncanny sense of balance? Check out the bridal collection at Steve Madden for some killer (and affordable) wedding day shoes. Mr. G is only 3 inches taller than me, so the 4+ inch heels would make me beastly compared to him. Not to mention, I'd probably fall and break my ankle before the ceremony. But for my brave, heel-loving friends check out the following:

These are on sale for $69.95. (They also come in black and gold!)

These are available in white, too. They are $89.95 and only for those who can rock a 4.25 inch heel! Wowsa. (It kinda looks like an elevated version of a J.Crew shoe, no?)

These cuties are available in several different colors and are on sale for $49.99. They are practically flats compared to the others! (only a 3 inch heel)

All shoes available at stevemadden.com under "Bridal Collection". Not interested? Maybe your bridesmaids might be. Check out their website for more details.


  1. The first ones are totally cute!
    Alas, my groom is about the same height as me, but I'll pass these onto my sister. Thanks!

  2. Holy cow! Topping out at about 5'8"ish, I doubt I'll be rocking 3-4 inch heels any time soon!

    (Though I do secretly have a pair of platform egyptian style dress sandals that I wear when I'm going to be sitting most of the time. It put me nearly eye level with my 6'2" theater going buddy!)

  3. So cute! I don't like super-high heels, but that last pair is amazing - not too high and still cute!

  4. I loooooove Steve Madden shoes. My groom, not so tall, but boy do I love rocking a 4" heel when I can!

  5. The middle picture of Steve Madden shoes are the EXACT pair that I ordered as my wedding shoes. I absolutely LOVE them and I still come in shorter than the FH!

    Steve Madden shoes in general are so comfortable. Thanks for your post! After I read it I checked out the Madden website again and think I have found my BM's shoes since they went on clearance!

  6. Also good to note: these shoes are dyeable so you can get that fun colored shoe trend look! Way to go Steve!

  7. @Moe: Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

    @J Darling: Ooh, those egyptian sandals sound lovely!

    @LauraAnn: I can't believe #2 are your wedding shoes!! That's fantastic!! You are gonna look smokin' hot in them.



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