20 October 2009

Fall Getaway!

This week I'm going to share some amazing photographs from our week-long trip to Oregon! L and I are city mice, but we had a truly unforgettable time exploring a slightly slower pace of life. I really want to move to Portland...like yesterday.


  1. As someone who DOES live the slightly slower pace here in California, I'd have to suggest MOVING IF YOU CAN! Things aren't going to get any cheaper here. Even in the sticks, it's hard to make ends meet. Why not look into it in the next year? Moving interstate is a great bonding adventure for young couples!

  2. @J.Darling: I'm totally tempted to move!! Ahhh, if it weren't for jobs that are keeping us here right now, I would be very open to a change of pace. (Sigh) Maybe in a few years. :)



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