2 December 2009

My Letter to Booties

Dear Booties,

I don't mean to be rude, but I'm struggling to understand your appeal. I have seen you out on the streets of Los Angeles clinging to the feet of wonderfully fashion forward women. I've seen you in glossy magazines on the soles of beautiful celebrities dressed to the nines. But I'm still not sure how I feel about you.

Maybe it's because it is close to the holidays, and I can't help but think that you kinda sorta look like Santa's elves' shoes?

If you could help me to just understand your rising popularity, maybe I'd consider jumping on Team Booties. But as of now, I remain a skeptic.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


  1. My problem is I like them (crazy I know) but I can't figure out what the hack to wear them with!?! Skirt? But pumps look better? Legging? I don't own them? Skinny jeans? don't you have to be skinny to wear those?

  2. There is like 1% of the population that can pull these off, and I don't fall into that category!

  3. I kind of love booties...maybe because I'm an elf!

  4. @Ali: That's one of my issues. What do you wear them with?! Maybe a dress and tights might be cute. It depends on the style of bootie, too :)
    @Cathleya: I've never tried, but I don't think I can pull them off either.
    @Creature Gorgeous: Hahaha! You're not an elf! I'm sure you look hot in them :) I'm convinced I'd look awkward.

  5. I love booties. In fact, I'm wearing a pair right now with a dress, cardigan, belt and tights. It's best to stick with a basic black pair or something neutral.



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