17 February 2010

I Love L.A.

Last week, we went to the Lakers vs. Spurs game. I was rather disappointed that Kobe didn't play. Injury shminjury :)

Either way, it was a lot of FUN, as always. We have a tradition of watching the Lakers once a year. I enjoy watching most sports, but my favorite is basketball.

You can't go to a Lakers game without hearing this song!

What self-respecting Lakers fan goes to the game and doesn't celebrity watch?!

L was hoping to see Eva Longoria (because her hubby plays for San Antonio), but no dice. I was disappointed I didn't see Leonardo DiCaprio (for obvious reasons) or Denzel Washington (L has seen him before, and never ceases to rub it in my face) or John Mayer (oh wait, no one cares about him nor his white supremacist penis).

The ever-present Jack.

Yes, we brought our big camera. Yes, we're kinda creepy.

Oh crap, there was a game going on? Almost forgot about that.

Another year, another great game!!


  1. you chose such a great game to go to! it was so fun watching it on tv, but i wish i had your seats. and yes, we celebrity watch too :) leo is my favorite laker celeb, with david beckham, adam levine, and zac efron a close second ;)

  2. Oh, wow, so much fun! I'd be creepsterific and bring my camera, too! You make me love LA, too! Although I've only been there twice, and not recent enough.

    John Meyer has a white supremacist penis? I need to go Google that. So out of it.

  3. The boy would be jeeaaalous of your seats. Awesome photos!

  4. @honey my heart: You've seen David Beckham?! I forgot to look out for him - that's a good one!
    @Creature Gorgeous: Totally google it! He did a whole interview that has become quite a little controversy in the often trashy universe of celebrity gossip :)
    @Ali: The "lucky" girl also got hugs and lots of smiles from both of them. She was VERY lucky! Wonder who she was...

  5. So fun! What I most want to know, though, is where did you get that super cute coat? :)

  6. @Linda: Thanks! My coat is from Zara. I looove that store!



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