25 February 2010

Oh really?! Why didn't I think of that?

I was reading this beauty magazine the other day (which shall remain nameless) which was discussing beauty tips for the new season. It went a little something like this,

"The TREND: clear, vibrant skin that exudes a natural radiance"

Oh really? That's what's in style these days?

As opposed to the time when drab, splotchy, pimply skin was ALL THE RAGE. Right.

Most days, I don't care and I understand that sometimes the fashion and beauty world is over-the-top. But that take on what's "in" for skin was so asinine, I couldn't stop myself from poking fun at it.

Anyone got a scrub brush? I've got to scrub these pimples off my face. They are so last season.

Stay tuned for Fall 2010 beauty tips when "a pretty face" tops the list of must-haves.


  1. ROFL. I love it! :) Some things are NEVER in style. "Perfection" seems to always be in, but I haven't found a person yet who's achieved it (w/o the help of airbrushing). That's why I respect Jamie Lee Curtis so much! She seems to be taking that "grow old gracefully" thing seriously - and it's WORKING!

  2. LOL! Loved this. There should be a rule - hey skin, I'm past 18 - STOP BREAKING OUT!

  3. Hilarious. Those poor magazines are just recycling ideas our grandmothers thought were old hat 70 years ago.

  4. I am laughing out loud in my kitchen! Too funny and true! Just found your blog thru my little corner blog and I just love it. Love the stories, pics and its just cute! Would love for you to come visit me if you get a chance- i have great recipes and I am doing a jewerly giveaway this week so be sure to come by and enter if you can! http://kitchenbelleicious.blogspot.com

  5. @J. Darling: Jamie Lee Curtis is great! I saw her once getting lunch at one of our favorite burger joints near our home. She looks the same in person!
    @Chic 'n Cheap Living: Oh, I hear you. I thought breakouts stopped after high school or college. Jeez.
    @Elizabeth: I agree 110%!
    @Kitchen Belleicious: Welcome to my blog! Thank you and I hope you come back :) I'll definitely check out your blog. I always need recipe ideas!



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