15 February 2010

Our Little Man

My surprise revealed!!

This weekend our family welcomed a new member to our home. We adopted a puppy!

Readers, meet Henry.

Henry is a chihuahua/dachshund mix. He is eight weeks old and is the cutest little butter ball I have ever seen. He has a big belly and stumpy legs. We are seriously in LOVE!

Emma isn't completely sold on her new little brother yet. She ignores him, and is generally not pleased. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she comes around soon.

L had arranged a picturesque picnic lunch for us at a park in Malibu for Valentine's Day, but instead, we spent our day buying a crate and smelling our new puppy.

I couldn't be happier!


  1. Aww, I love the legs on dachshunds! Congrats on the newest family member!

  2. I love Henry already! He's such a pretty color too!

  3. So cute ... I wish Princess, Emma & Henry could play! Hehe, that's an awfully long commute for a doggy date, though!

    Make sure to post a lot of pictures as he goes through puppy hood!

  4. Cute beyond words! Wish I could give him a snuggle, smell his puppy breath, and be chewed on by his little razor teeth.... Puppies are kind of a pain in the neck, but they're just so darn adorable!

  5. what a cute puppy! i've never seen that mix, and love it :)

  6. Ok, this is the third time I have come back to this post today.
    I have puppy envy. :)

  7. Thanks, everyone!! We can't get enough of our little pup!
    @Krista: Awww, I wish we could do a doggy play day with Princess :( I will definitely take a lot of pics! They grow so quickly that later it's easy to forget how small they once were!
    @TwoWishes Tara: He totally has razor teeth right now!! And puppies are totally a pain! I am running on adrenaline right now, but I know I will likely be crashing and burning by week's end :)
    @honey my heart: Thanks, sweetie! The mix is called a "chiweenie"...isn't that funny?! I had never seen it either.
    @Mo: Hahaha! You guys should get a pup after the wedding! It's a lot of work, but so much fun, too :)

  8. Enjoy the little guy. So precious!! Having a dog is the absolute best!

  9. Great to see you're crate training him! BEST THING EVER! :)

  10. What a cutie pie. I think that Butterball is a great way to describe him.

    I discovered you from a comment you left at Nie and You. So glad that I did!

  11. Gah! He is so stinkin' cute! I just want to kiss him!

    Maybe I should mention to Jason that we need a puppy... ;)

  12. Oh I RUV Henry, he is the just cutest thing. As soon as I saw his little face I was like, it's a weenie dog!

  13. I can't get over how cute your puppy is!!!!
    Congrats! :-)



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