9 March 2010


Damn it. Shorter tops and sweaters are back in style. I have been hiding under shirts that balloon to my mid-thigh for the past year or so. I would have to start working out my strange-looking stomach.

But honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about them. At my age, I probably wouldn't show my belly for any reason. Maybe put a tank top or something underneath? Hmmm...

How do you feel about crop tops being back in style? Better left with Shannen Doherty and the cast of 90210 or would you rock one?


  1. I read somewhere that if you were old enough to wear a trend the first time, you shouldn't do it again. I remember wearing crop tops and what we now call mommy jeans.... I'm not going there again!

  2. Ugh. Are they really coming back into style?! I am very much NOT ok with that. And I like the "if you've done it once you shouldn't do it again" rule. Makes a lot of fashion sense.

  3. I would aim for the more timeless look of jeans and a comfortable, tank top you feel good in that is flattering for you. ;)

  4. @violarulz: YES! I am so using that line. Good rule of thumb.
    @CaitStClair: I know, I feel the same way. Ugh.
    @J. Darling: Good advice. It should always be about what you look good in, not what's trendy. A lot of people seem to forget that! Actually, I'm pretty sure I have been guilty of it :)

  5. EW. Not okay. In fact, I've recently seen pictures of myself wearing those tops in late middle school/early high school, and I just kept asking "WHY?"



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