1 March 2010

The Henry's Got WORMS Weekend Special

This post is all about it's title. If you have a low tolerance for icky, disgusting things, DO NOT keep reading. You've been warned.


The weekend started off with so much promise. We had a wonderful day on Saturday, and I was excited for a quick day trip out of town on Sunday. L needed to look at a property for work, and I was ecstatic to go outlet shopping in Camarillo (about an hour outside of L.A.).

Then enter the WORMS.

Saturday night Henry pooped on his wee wee pad like the good boy that he is, except something was very wrong. Umm, how do I say this? It was umm, moving. No, Henry wasn't moving, but his poop was.

Upon becoming ill, Henry realized he lives in a house filled with helpless, neurotic people.

I am the last person you want around when you're sick (particularly throwing up). When you throw up, I start dry heaving and can't be near you. I feel bad for my future kids. The rest of the family ain't too great to have around either. Emma, our 6 year old cockapoo, is a diva, has had 2 fleas in her lifetime, and avoids Henry like the plague even when he doesn't have WORMS. Lawrence was running around in his boxers like a mad man vacuuming up imaginary WORMS in the carpet at 1am. My brother discovered the WORMS first, and he's probably the only one you'd want around in a crisis of this magnitude.

I lost my shit. Because it was 11:30 at night, I couldn't call my mom who goes to bed, like a kindergartner, at 8:30 every night. So, I immediately jumped online, and had Dr. Google diagnose Henry (i.e. I googled "puppies and WORMS") . Of course, like the reliable source that Dr. Google is, by the end of my online session, I was convinced that a life-size tape worm was going to envelope our little condo, and we were all going to die.

Fabulous. Did I mention I have taken 4 showers in the last 2 days? I scrubbed my skin raw, and I still feel creepy crawlies all over me.

Basically our Sunday plans were blown. We instead spent a good amount of time at Pet Smart getting Henry de-wormed. (He had already been de-wormed twice before we got him.) He got a little car sick on the ride there, and threw up all over Aisle 3 of Pet Smart. Did I mention I hate barf? Thank you nice Pet Smart employee who was only trying to sell us a fish tank filter, but ended up helping us pick up puppy puke.

Henry's on 10 days of antibiotics, and I am confident that he will be fine. What I didn't know, and what I must have ignored in my late night Dr. Google haze, is that a puppy getting WORMS is quite common. Wait...my puppy and I are not going to die? No.

It's a yucky thing to have, but it can be cured and life can actually continue post-WORMS.

Here's a good link to more info about it for anyone with a puppy or a dog.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Never a dull moment with Henry. Good thing he's cute.


  1. Poor little guy, hope he recovers soon! They are common, both my puppies had them and one is 15 years old and the other lived to be 14, so he will be ok :)

  2. Poor Henry. Trust me, after a few years as a dog owner, you'll be completely nonchalant about cleaning up after vomit and poop. (Though I agree that worms are a whole new class of ickiness altogether.) The thing that's hilarious is that my husband is a doctor and deals with body fluids all the time, but freaks out as soon as our dog gets mildly ill.

  3. Oh, poor Henry! I would have freaked out too. I hope he feels better.

  4. Poor little guy! I had the same exact encounter with worms last week with Max. I thought I was going to die.

  5. Hope you and the little guy have an uneventful week.

  6. My pup had Coccidae and was in the vets office at least once a week, poor thing. Lots of projectile vomit and diarrhea. :( hang in there!

  7. Poor guy. :(

    In our first two weeks with Princess she had a yeast infections. But for dogs, yeasts infections are in the anus. Yeah, I had to put anti-fungal / antibiotic / anti-inflammatory cream on her bum twice a day for four days. Talk about pleasant!

    I'm glad he's doing better!

  8. @My Dream Ring: Ok, that makes me feel better. Thanks, hon! Umm, isn't someone's big day coming up?! I'm off to check your blog for updates.
    @Mrs. HC: Thanks for the reassurance! Emma has been such an easy dog that I am not used to all of this maintenance with Henry. Although Emma has had some vomiting incidents. NOT fun! Re: Mr. HC - what a funny guy! I know I couldn't handle the bodily fluids part of being a doctor. Actually, I couldn't handle anything that involved illness. Good thing I wasn't smart enough to be a doctor! :)
    @Michelle: Thanks, Duckling!
    @Kelly: I feel your pain. Hope your pup is all better!
    @Sugar: Your comment made me smile. Thanks! I'm hoping for 'uneventful', too!
    @J. Darling: Oh NO! That sounds terrible! I hope he made a full recovery.
    @Krista: Poor Princess :( And poor Krista for having to administer the antibiotics! :)



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