12 March 2010

A New Look

I chopped my hair last week!

I am no longer the wicked Asian witch of the West, but rather

...drumroll please...

Julia Roberts' Asian twin from Pretty Woman!!

(Please forgive the Blackberry-quality picture. We were in a dark club. Can you even see my hair or am I ruining the purpose of this post? Ugh.)

Remember the opening scene when Vivienne (Julia Roberts) is wearing the blonde wig with bangs and she asks Kit if she looks like Carol Channing? Well, I was watching Pretty Woman for the 1,000th time post-haircut and realized that I have a version of the Vivienne/ Carol Channing hair.


Oh man, what did I do?

I am generally happy with the new 'do. More importantly, it takes me 15 minutes less to dry it. Oh, and remind me to tell you a story next week about the shampoo guy at my salon. Funny stuff.

Have a great weekend, my lovely readers! Enjoy yourselves.


  1. Your hair looks awesome!
    I just did the same and the less drying time is the best part! I might never go long again!

  2. You look gorgeous!!!! Very edgy and sharp. Love it!

    I too am contemplating a chop. Like, a pixi-esque CHOP. The styling time thing is a huge pull. But my hair security blanket!!! Such internal conflict.

  3. Love it. Welcome to the short hair club.

  4. Looks great! :) Very stylish and flattering.

  5. looks super great carly!! short hair and bangs are so fun and fresh. i was actually going to message you and ask how you like having bangs and how hard or easy they are to maintain. i'm getting my haircut tomorrow and totally considering it.

  6. Thanks, everyone!!
    @honey my heart: Darn it! I am just getting back to responding TODAY. I'm such a slacker. How did your new 'do come out? I have had bangs on and off my whole life. I love them! The key though (which I haven't been able to do) is to go back to your salon once every 3-4 weeks to get your bangs trimmed (it's usually free, depending on your stylist). I always make the mistake of trimming them myself, and I look like a hot mess after a couple of months. I have vowed this time to try and maintain them properly. We'll see! Hope you like your hair!

  7. You look fantastic! I am pretty positive, though, that you'd look incredible with any hairstyle! ;)



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