4 April 2010

Happy Day

I spent a great day with my husband and our dogs at my mom's place. We had a delicious BBQ lunch (not your traditional Easter meal), but oh well. The weather was close to perfect, and we didn't feel the big Mexicali earthquake. I don't know how that's possible? I got home awhile ago and was watching the news on TV. This nutty earthquake lady, with her eyes bugging out with excitement, was predicting that another, even bigger quake would arrive in the next few days. Hysteria, much?

I don't like earthquakes, and I don't like that lady for making me paranoid!

Otherwise, it was a perfectly happy, calm day.

In other news, we found out that Henry is best friends with my mom's new rescue dog, Jake. They are so cute together. I need to take pictures next time they have a play day.

How was your Easter Sunday?

P.S. Thank you all so much for your insightful and caring comments on my last post. I appreciate reader comments more than you know. A little something fun to show my reader appreciation is coming up this week :) Keep an eye out for it!


  1. We felt the earthquake (an ALL the aftershocks since) but then we are only about 40 miles from the epicenter

  2. Thank goodness you're all right! How adorable that the doggie family gets along so famously!

  3. Oh thank goodness you are a-ok, how scary!

  4. We felt it! It was really scary, the fan shook and some stuff fell, and then there were aftershocks. The cat hid in the closet.

    I stayed in the doorway, as they so diligently taught us to do in the California public school system.

  5. Definately felt it here, and it really rattled my nerves! But I'm MUCH further South than you, and I was on an upper floor (so the building sway is more dramatic for me). Pretty scary so I just huddled up at home and let my nerves die down and my dog relax. Poor guy was so freaked!

  6. Thanks, everyone! I don't know how we didn't feel it?! I'm still baffled.

    @Mo: San Diego must have felt it much stronger than L.A. I'm glad you guys are ok, minus some shaken nerves!! I always run to the doorway, just like we were taught in school :)
    @J. Darling: Glad you and your doggy are ok! I have felt a few minor earthquakes living in our 2nd floor condo, and you feel a lot more swaying and violent shaking when you aren't on the ground level. It's scary!

  7. Easter was awesome. Family time. I love family time.



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