26 April 2010

Our Growing Boy

I haven't posted about Henry in a long time. Even though he hasn't made an appearance on the blog, he's certainly been keeping us busy! He's growing like a weed and now outweighs Emma (it doesn't take much as she weighs 8 pounds). He and Emma still haven't found common ground yet. Until then, I remain a patient Mommy.

Here are a few pictures I took of him playing with his favorite basketball.

In his ever-present doggy bones tank top. L says it's "gay", but he loves it. So who cares, right?

In-flight. This is usually how he looks, as he doesn't walk anywhere...he RUNS!

Seeking out his next source of mischief.

At the beginning of May, Henry goes to the vet to be neutered. Please keep him and his manlihood in your thoughts. Tough break, little man.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments today and Henry is still adorable! I love that first picture!

  2. Seriously, that little face just melted my heart!!! How cute can you get?!??! I heart Henry!



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