3 May 2010

California Sun

Yesterday, on our little excursion, L and I discovered the "Road to Nowhere". This picture he took really inspires me. At the risk of sounding like a greeting card, life is all about the journey.

On another note, I really think L should start taking his photography hobby a bit more seriously. He thinks I'm joking. I think he's getting pretty good. Anyone in L.A. want their picture taken? :)


  1. that is a gorgeous photo :) and i agree that L should consider taking his hobby to the next level.

  2. Oh wow, I love this so much. Perfect exposure and lovely composition.

  3. Love this pic. L has a great eye!

    Happy Monday...or what's left of it :0)

  4. That is an amazing photo! L is really talented :)
    Does this person who wants her picture taken need to be in LA or just close? ;-)

  5. Love this photo! You should frame it.

  6. amazing photo.. where was this taken?...

  7. I second taking the hobby to the next level, and I see a lot of photos!
    Um, I'm in San Diego but I like having my picture taken.

  8. You strike the best poses in the images throughout your blog! If L starts taking the photography stuff more seriously, you should continue to be his very photogenic muse!

  9. I think L definitely has "the eye." Love this photo! You look amazing and the shot is so dramatic in its simplicity! Love it! Yes, he should take it more seriously!!!

  10. Thank you so much everyone for the encouragement! I passed all of your comments on to L, and he was so grateful to read such nice compliments. He thanks you!
    @Jenna: L loves your work, so he was quite happy to read your comment :) Thank you!
    @Ali: We are always looking for an excuse to visit beautiful Orange County! So, sure! :)
    @Silvia: It was taken off of a two lane highway on the way to Cambria. It was literally dumb luck that we found it. As you can see it is literally in the middle of nowhere, and I have no idea what the name of the "road to nowhere" is. Wish I could be of more help.
    @Mo: We are always looking for an excuse to visit San Diego! :)
    @Creature Gorgeous: Thanks, pretty friend! I have my Zoolander look down pat ;)



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