28 May 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend!

We will be taking it easy this weekend. No plans to go out-of-town, but perhaps a beach day or a pool day is in order.

Wishing you all a calm, relaxing, and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Any big plans?
Enjoy yourselves!


  1. I'd love for it to be warm enough here for a real beach or pool day. We rented a cabin with some friends and are just going to hang out.

  2. @M and C: That's sounds like a lot of fun! How far outside of the city will you be staying? Have a great time :)

  3. Yay! Happy long weekend at the beach or pool. We're going to stay at a hotel in town - hope my husband feels better!

  4. I'm working tomorrow (Boo hiss! Oh wait... I need the money. YEAH for Work!).

    But that means I'll have Sunday and Monday to myself. Might go see a movie, but mostly going to stay in, re-arrange my bedroom to create a work space, and just chill out. Probably will break out a book or two. :)



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