21 May 2010

Memories of D.C.

I was sifting through some bins and came across old pictures I haven't looked at in awhile. Our first D.C. trip together. I was moving there for six months back in 2004, so L agreed to drop me off. When he left I cried for days. I pretty much knew back then that I couldn't live without him.

I love D.C. It is one of the most fascinating and wonderful places. I miss good public transportation, the view of the Washington Monument from my little crappy apartment window, and living in a place where so much is going on that you can smell it in the air.

And, yes, that last picture is me. "The Notebook" was a very popular movie in 2004. I am imitating Rachel McAdams' "Say I'm a Bird" scene. Didn't every young couple think they were Noah and Allie? :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourselves.


  1. J and I quote the "I'm a bird" part of the Notebook all the time. He calls me his 'Birdie' :)

  2. How fabulous! Where did you live while here in DC??? I love the city, too (most of the time). Love the picture of you doing the bird!!

  3. @Ali: Ooooh, now I see where "His Birdie" comes from! That's too cute that he calls you that.
    @Creature Gorgeous: I lived there twice. The first time I was a student and lived on the campus of G.W. The second time I lived in this crappy apartment complex in Arlington. I loved it though because I could walk to Georgetown and I was so close to the Metro :) Thanks re: the bird pic. Don't I look ridiculous? It was too funny not to post!



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