27 May 2010

My (In)attention to Detail

I have noticed one common characteristic amongst my favorite fashion and style bloggers: they are detail-oriented. Like amazingly detail-oriented. I am fascinated by their creativeness, because I am not a details person. I go like three months without wearing earrings. Not because I don't like earrings, but because I am lazy and/or forget to put them in. On a normal day, I wear my wedding ring and this necklace.

Belt and headband that match my shoes? Purse that matches my bracelet and blouse? Umm, too much to think about. Can I take a nap?

Our home is the same way. I am obsessed with the big items. With our couch, our coffee table, our chandelier, I am focused on finding the perfect fit. The smaller items, eh.

Ultimately I do want to care more about the little things! I am constantly dissatisfied with my lack of detailing. Not to mention, I need to improve on incorporating color and color coordinating.

My husband jokes that we need to make enough money to pay a decorator and personal shopper to get me to where I want to be. That's cool, but I don't have the funds right now, and it really isn't my style to try too hard. When I try too hard, I inevitably make a fool out of myself. It's all about effortless chic, right? Haha, sometimes that seems like an oxymoron.

Lately, I have found that one thing that sparks my creativity is to look at clothing sites where they style their latest pieces into cohesive outfits. For example, J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor Loft all have sections on their websites with this feature. It helps me to visualize how I can mix and match pieces to create different looks. It is nice to see how the clothing looks on a body, and it introduces me to items I would have never thought to pay attention to.

I try to look at mannequins when I am in stores, which sometimes gives me ideas, but I get so easily distracted. Online, you have less distractions, and more time to browse. I used to be so weary of online shopping, but it is growing on me.

While I am who I am, and will likely never look fresh out of a Hollywood stylist's closet, I am learning a few tips along the way so that I can at least try and fake it every now and then.

Are you a detailed dresser?
Any tips or tricks on how you construct your outfits for a night out, a special event, or an important day at work?

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