14 May 2010

That's Catchy

This past week I have been emailing back and forth with the nutritionist lady regarding my health program. Basically, the supplements I have been taking seem to be helping, but they are causing some...ummm...digestive issues.

The latest email from her in my inbox this morning was entitled:

My Thoughts on Diarrhea

Wow. Seriously?
  • Good thing that wasn't sent to my work email.
  • Good thing I'm married, so when I told L he just laughed and didn't gag.
  • Good thing I have like no pride whatsoever these days.

At our last meeting she told me her dream is to write a book. I have decided "My Thoughts on Diarrhea" should be the title for her yet-to-be-written masterpiece. Well, it's a tie between that and "Diarrhea for Dummies".

And with that I will leave you to your own devices.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Enjoy yourselves, friends.


  1. It would definitely get a lot of people picking the book up...I'm thinking a really serious looking cover that unintentionally makes you giggle. :)

    Hope you feel better this weekend, have a great one!

  2. @Mo: Thanks, Mo. As a book lover, of course you can appreciate my book title idea! :)



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