14 June 2010

I Need This...House (?!)

May I have this house, please? I promise I'll take good care of it.

I love these L.A. digs I saw on Young House Love.

Unfortunately despite my most earnest attempts to be sweet to my husband, this is a tall order. We aren't financially ready for a house. But a girl can dream, and that's what I'm going to keep doing until it happens for us.

Any big ticket items on your wish list lately? Hey, it doesn't have to be holiday season in order to have a wish list!

P.S. Don't forget about the Le Creuset Giveaway! It closes on Wednesday. I have really enjoyed all of your comments, by the way. There are a lot of readers that I didn't know existed! Don't be shy about making your presence known more often :)


  1. I am a huge sucker for built-in bookshelves. Huge. That's what makes this house so appealing to me. As for my wish list, I'd like a new camera. We lost ours in a taxi a couple of months ago and haven't replaced it. I guess that's not a hugely big-ticket item, though. Pie-in-the-sky item: a house. Not in the cards for at least a few years, though.

  2. The finishes and decor are beautiful in these images! Maybe you can remodel a little or redecorate? Maybe? Who needs a new house with those things when you can DIY your current place. Or maybe it's already very beautiful and decorated (which is what I suspect) and you'd like something bigger.

    Our big ticket purchase is indeed new digs. But we have to unload our current one first ...which seems is not going to happen anytime soon (would someone please by our house?). So I will dream with you!

  3. @Notes: Me too! I am obsessed with any house that has built-ins and/or floor to ceiling bookshelves. The stupid part is that I don't even read that much these days - I'm a total poser. Hope you get a new camera soon!
    @Creature Gorg: Me and DIY don't always get along...but it's funny that you mention it, because we have been thinking about doing some remodeling ourselves! Our place could definitely use some updating. Who wouldn't want to buy your house? From what I saw once, it's amazing! Crossing my fingers you sell asap :)

  4. Ha! That's Jamie's house! She blogs with my SIL on PrudentBaby. And I agree - her house is extremely enviable.

    Right now, my dream is for a house with a yard. So we can finally get a dog. Big dog + small apartment + Michigan winters = no thank you. But I think that's something to look forward to AFTER we pay for the wedding.

  5. @Ellabel: What a small world! I just went over and checked out PrudentBaby. What an adorable site! I hear ya re: the yard. We have 2 small dogs, and not having a yard really sucks!



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