24 June 2010

Summer TV

This Sunday, my weekend television prospects get a little bit brighter with the premieres of two HBO shows.

We enjoy this show. L read that the character of Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven) will be toned down a bit this season (i.e. less anti-gay and anti-Asian American jokes in reference to his assistant, Lloyd). I hope they follow through with that and find other clever ways to build Ari's character. The anti-gay slurs were beyond old and offensive. We'll see.

We started watching Hung because it came on after Entourage. Despite the fact that the show has a strange plot that is built around the interactions of a high school basketball coach/gigolo and his female friend/pimp, it is really funny and smart. I love the actress, Jane Adams, that plays Tanya Skagle. She's off-beat and scatter-brained, but in a hilarious way.

Of course I am also keeping myself entertained with the newest seasons of So You Think You Can Dance (go Alex and Kent!), and Top Chef. And L is a big time True Blood fan.

WOW, we watch a lot of television. That's rather embarrassing! I think I'll go now...

What are your favorite summer time shows? In other words, maybe you can help me add more to my already overflowing schedule of DVR'd shows :)


  1. True Blood and Entourage are two of our favorite shows as well! I cant think of any other shows but the world cup is taking a lot of our TV time as well. Honestly i cant wait for all the other shows to come back. Greys, Brothers and Sisters, Modern Family, The Good Wife... lol ok I'll stop now.. Thank God for DVR!

  2. *sigh* I love Entourage and miss in now that we don't have cable. I need to get on Netflix'in that!

  3. i LOVE Entourage. we cancelled our HBO 7 months ago and i was seriously debating whether or not to re-subscribe. then True Blood decided to premiere two weeks before Entourage and i felt it was a sign. i. needed. HBO.

    but those are my only summer programs, so i am of no help. other than my love of HBO summer programming.

  4. we are tv fiends, too! fave shows this summer: top chef, royal pains, burn notice, the next great artist, law & order: ci, and repeats of the office. psych and white collar are coming on soon :) i guess we are usa network people right now.

  5. I am rooting for Alex and Kent too! Die hard SYTYCD fan here... and a hard core tv addict! I can't remember life before my DVR, haha (sad).

  6. Kent is my homeboy! LOL! I adore him! SYTYCD has been my favorite show since it first came on!



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