16 June 2010

They Sure Do Make 'Em Short These Days

For those that haven't checked my blog in awhile...don't forget to enter the Le Creuset giveaway. It ends tonight! And for those of you that are ready to shoot me if you hear "Le Creuset" or "giveaway" one more time...thank you for putting up with it (again).

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.


I'm talking about clothes, people, get your minds out of the gutter.

Anyway, I could have sworn that skirts and dresses weren't always THIS short.

At first I thought I was imagining it. But then I was watching a movie from 2001, and I realized that I'm most likely not. Also, check out this vintage Sex and the City promotional poster. Longer hemlines, no? Even Samantha's wearing a dress that covers her vajayjay.

It seems like a lot of dresses and skirts these days are either made for a tween or for a woman with killer tanned thighs that could crack walnuts. Some are so short, I wonder that if there were the slightest suggestion of a breeze, we might see a butt cheek.

I, on the other hand, am self-conscious about my knees and my upper thighs. Sure, I could go to the gym and that might help matters. But that's another post for a different day. I rarely reveal a lot of leg unless I am on the beach or maybe going out to a club. Who am I kidding? I don't go clubbing.

But I digress.

I know it gets hot in the summer, and as a consequence, women start wearing less and less clothing. It's only natural. But what are the casual options for those of us that don't necessarily want to wear a tiny little handkerchief of a dress, but also don't want to be covered from head to toe?

An adorable denim number from J.Crew.

Denim Pencil Skirt

Gap has some cute options, and they don't make you look like you're 78 years old.

Slub Tank Dress

Striped Empire Dress

And then there's these beautiful threads from Anthro. {Sigh} All thigh friendly, but pricey...as always.

Anyone else notice this trend of really short dresses?


  1. It kills me. I can't wear 'em!! I can't SIT in them, they are just so short. I swear, the bottom of my butt was peaking out in several of the 'sundresses' I tried on earlier this spring. These are cute outfits you've found. :)

  2. I'm with you. I always have to play the game "shirt or dress" when I'm shopping.

  3. I hate this trend! Everything is just so short like Nodakademic said I feel like my butt is hanging out of everything and then I feel like on old lady for not liking everything they're selling right now. =(

  4. I agree...its cute for teens and tweens but I would rather not see someone's bum because they forgot to put something on under their dress/shirts. I like knee length myself, I think its classy and cute :)

  5. i totally agree! summer is a hard season for me, given clothing's shorter lengths, but i try to stick to pencil skirts & an occasional knee-length dress. banana rep also has good options :)

  6. SO true! one look at mod cloth had me really frustrated. I can't wear this stuff to work or church--never mind the fact that it's just uncomfortable to be concerned about skirts that are too short.

  7. yeah, they keep getting shorter! I mean it's fine for the beach! Or a really hot summer day, but other than that I'll pass...xoxo

  8. I can't wear short dresses and they are everywhere. Leggings don't help - they seem to accentuate the area rather than hide it. Everything seems to be a mini or a maxi, nothing in between.

  9. YES!!! Oh that frustrates me so much I could scream! I mean, talk about pressure to have the legs of a well-toned giraffe....or Heidi Klum. I mean, let's be honest here - half the people who wear said items shouldn't, and the other half who look fantastic...well, I find that if they fell down the escalator, I wouldn't be devastated. LOL! (Just kidding, sort of.) It has given me motivation, though, as my problem areas are the same as yours! Great finds, DG!

  10. My thighs are not fans of the mini-dress either. It's UNREALISTIC for most of us. Seriously...

    In the summer time, I like flowy, comfortable cuts of skirts. All of mine are at least mid thigh if not just above the knee. I think I would be pretty uncomfortable in something I was always self-concious about.

    Comfort wins for me - especially when it's hot.

  11. Oh totally. I have a short number or two but I also don't love to flash my upper thighs. We're not carefree and 20 anymore!

  12. stupid mini dresses, I'm only 5'2 and they're even short on me! we just took our engagement photos last week, and I had to have a napkin in my lap for our staged picnic to keep from turning the photo shoot into something pervy!

  13. Ughhh!!! So many cute dresses out there right now and they are all. too. short. Pluheaze fashion industry: drop the hemlines! I'm askin' for three inches here people!

  14. I went shopping last weekend for the first time in a loooong while, and I pulled out a cute dress and said 'Oh cute!' (to no one in particular) - the sales associate overheard me and goes "Oh, dresses are really short this season, that's going to be waaay too short for you." Dammit! I tried it on anyway, but she was so very right. Usually I love being nearly 6' tall, but ... so many cute dresses/skirts I can't wear right now!

  15. Yay, confirmation that I'm not living in a nightmare world where my thighs are getting bigger. Dresses really ARE getting shorter! This mini-dress trend can't be good for anyone who isn't 12 years old and/or 3 feet tall.

    Great comments, everyone. Thank you!

  16. I totally agree. I don't have models legs and don't feel comfortable in those short clothes. Plus I just had a baby and have stretch marks, not very esthetic with a short skirt or short.
    I'm also looking for some short for this summer, but they are all too short. those that are long enough are out of my budget. sighh.



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