22 June 2010

To Dyson or Not?

A couple of days ago I read this post. (The blog post was great and well-written. It was the pictures that caused me the panic.) I'm pretty sure I started hyperventilating as I became convinced that gigantic human-ingesting balls of pet hair were forming on my carpet. I'm a hypochondriac, okay?

Because my husband is the domestic goddess of our household, I mentioned to him that I read this blog post, and we might need a Dyson vacuum. He giddily jumped up and promptly glued himself to our computer doing research on Dyson's website.

I was like, "Chill out, vacuum boy. I said we might need one."

Then I almost shat myself when I saw the prices of these sly little lint picker-uppers. The one we would get (the DC 25) is 600 buckaroonies?! Umm, the last time I checked a good vacuum cleaner was like $150.

Is this $600 Dyson going to wash my clothes, fold them, have sex with my husband, and cook dinner, too?

No dice.

However, it is going to pick up microscopic shit off the ground and pet hair that I didn't know existed. Henry has been shedding a little bit, and perhaps our carpets are dirtier due to his presence.

But the penny pincher in me needs to visualize exactly how much better my life could be with a Dyson. I imagine when I look through the clear view canister, and stare at all the nasty crap I picked up, I will feel like I am getting my money's worth. I'll say, "See, that $600 was well-spent," as I parade the contents of my dirty carpet around town and hang it over my mantle.

I don't know. We have lived thus far with our trusty 'ol Hoover. It seems to have done a mediocre job, which is usually what I am aiming for when it comes to vacuuming. I mean we are pretty clean people. We take our shoes off when we are in the house like any good Asians. We disinfect and clean our place weekly.

For me, the biggest attraction of this vacuum is the pet clean-up. But six bills to pick up a few poufs of Emma and Hank's loose hairs? I don't know.

What do you think? Is a Dyson worth it or not? If you own a Dyson, I'd love to hear your opinions! Anyone know any good online deals? I might be more inclined to buy the damn thing if it didn't cost the equivalent of an off-season Hawaiian vacation.


  1. I have a dyson and I love it. If you don't have to have one right away, a lot of stores will put them on pretty good sale, or give a gift card to the store to help balance out the price. I got mine and paid up front, but was given a $200 gift card to target. I don't know if you have a Kohl's in your area, but they will put them on sale and then you can use % off coupons and usually get Kohl's cash to spend later, also. Basically, don't be too intimidate by the price, there are deals out there, and it's totally worth the money, even if it doesn't do the dishes!

  2. Most Targets are selling the Dyson Ball on clearance. My husband and I are waiting for them to go to $249 (right now $349) before taking the plunge (reg. $499). I've heard GREAT things, and we definitely need it now that we have carpet in the house. :)

  3. I think a good vacuum is definitely worth it. That being said, my research shows that a Miele is better (less particles in the air, easier maneuvering, less prone to break down over the years) than the Dyson and they are in the same price range. And if you talk to salesmen who specialize in vacuum cleaners (I've talked to three different vacuum specialty stores during my research), most will recommend the Miele over the Dyson. I wrote about it a few months back: http://www.geekinheels.com/blog/2010/2/23/why-we-chose-the-miele-over-dyson.html

    So far I've been VERY happy with my Miele and I could swear that our air quality gets better after I vacuum. Not to mention, it's so sexy that we leave it out in the open and it blends in like decor. And as for the expensive filter claims? I've only had to change the filter ONCE since Feb, and that's with regular use 2-3x a week. The best part of the cleanup is that the filter removal is virtually painless — unlike the Dyson which re-leases the dirt into the air as you empty the canister, everything in the Miele's filter remains inside.

  4. I've got a Dyson and I love it. I have the original yellow one. But it's great. I'm always amazed/disgusted at how much it vacuums up every time. You can definietly find them on sale though if you're patient.

    I hadn't heard of the Miele brand when we were suckered into buying our Dyson. However, if they're as good as Jenny says, I'd check them out too.

  5. Ok... I'm a really bad wife-to-be, but I don't know what our vacuum cleaner is! Some cheapy we picked up from the supermarket.

    My Mum has a Miele and loves it, while I did some work for the Dyson charity a few years back and therefore consider James Dyson to be *amazing* and totally worthy of my hard-earned cash. We'll have to decide before the pup arrives in September!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I would not buy my Dyson again if I could go back. I'd keep my cash (or spend it on something else). I don't think it does that great of a job and it's gross to empty (bagless = dust everywhere as you try to eject the dirt into another bag or bin). Oh, and I believe it does lose suction. I know they say it doesn't, but mine certainly doesn't work as well as it did 2 years ago, and it is louder too. I wish I'd have done what my mother did: she researched what kinds of vacuums they use in industrial situations and ended up buying the one our public school system used. It still works GREAT after many years, and is very durable and reliable. Cost less than a Dyson, too.

  7. We got a Dyson slim 3 yrs ago and totally love it! BUT, we got it after our wedding after returning a bunch of stuff from our Registry and using the credit at Macy's. If that wasn't the case, I don't know if I could stomach the cost. I love the Slim because I always thought the regular sized Dysons looked HUGE. But it definitely holds less in the bagless container.

  8. I have a Eureka and everyone raves about them. It's okay, but I found, like any vaccum, you have to take it in to be serviced a couple times a year to maintain optimum condition. But the Dyson is way more powerful than my Eureka. The Eureka is just great for something the size of my apartment. :)

  9. I can't live without my Dyson. Just thought I'd say that right off the bat. I bought one for my mom about 3 years ago, and she loves hers...then about a year ago Justin bought me the Dyson Ball, and I am enthralled with it (so easy to maneuver with the ball!!!). I personally like the bagless system...you just have to be a little careful with you empty it so that you don't get the dust poofing back up at you! Easy peasy.

  10. My mother has the dyson that is supposed to specialize in pet hair removal. She loves it like no woman should love a household appliance. I am very curious about the dyson ball, but my current abode is carpet free, so I have no first hand knowledge.

  11. We don't have carpet so we don't even own a vacuum besides a dust buster. Is that gross? We (I) sweep like crazy, though, with an awesome washable lambswool broom thingie that gets up every last bit of cat hair. Or so I like to tell myself. As for the vacuum decision, definitely check Craigslist. I just did a search on my local CL and there are "gently used" Dysons on there for anywhere from $100 to $350.

  12. I feel your pain! We were in the same boat. Having heard Dyson was "the best" we were totally on board until we saw the price. I figured if it was as amazing as it was supposed to be, then it was an investment, and would be worth it. I read a lot of reviews online, and consumer reports, and they did not come off well. There were a lot of design flaws, things you'd think would be no brainers. We decided not to go with a dyson, and instead got a Eureka canister vac, and are very happy with it. It has a great pet attachment for removing pet hair, but I think you're talking more deep down dirt. My recommendation would be save your money on the Dyson, and rent a carpet shampooer every now and again for a deep clean.

  13. We got our Dyson after the wedding with the BB&B completion registry coupon as well as a 20% off coupon, which made it a LITTLE easier to stomach. It worked wonderfully for picking of Woofie's fur and my crazy long hair, and never gave me an asthma attack, which some vacs do.

    Despite that, now that we moved into a place that's all tile, I have no need for a vacuum as I pretty much sweep and use the non-disposable electromagnetic cloth sweepers (from the Container Store) and mop our floors. I do use it for picking up spills like when I tipped the salt pig over and spilled kosher salt all over the place, but it was bulky and a pain in the ass to bring into the kitchen.

    It was wonderful when we used it, though!

  14. I've never used a dyson but if you are going to drop that much $$ on a vacuum go for the miele. I've been trying to convert people for years. Geek In Heels hit most of the key points for me : 1) HEPA filtration (hubs has bad allergies) 2) BAG (hate the thought of emptying the dirt out inside the house even if it is in the garbage) 3) Canister (rather than an upright)
    Seriously love mine and they last forever.

  15. Dysons are totally worth it. I LOVE, adore, etc etc ours. But we didn't get the pet one- I think ours was ONLY 300 or so. But you can use those 20% off things at Bed Bath and Beyond to buy it too!

  16. My parents bought us a Dyson and it is AMAZING.
    It honestly makes vacuuming so much easier, and our carpet feels like new carpet.
    We got ours on sale at Sears, and we just saw it for sale again at Target. Tell Lawrence to keep looking, there is bound to be a deal!

  17. well we don't usually vacuum much b/c our house is all hardwood and we have just a few area rugs... BUT we are getting carpet in our basement so will need to be vacuuming a lot more soon! reading from most ppl's comments, i guess a dyson is worth the money - geez that IS expensive!!

  18. we have a hoover or something, and our place is about 80% carpet or rug, so i totally want a dyson! i'm really glad you wrote this post because the comments/suggestions/sale info totally help.

  19. THANK YOU everyone for your comments and suggestions!! I am so grateful to have a bunch of readers that are such smart shoppers. WOW! I had L read your comments, and we are going to figure out what works best for us.
    @Sarah M: Keeping my eye out for Kohl's sales. Thank you!
    @Geek in Heels: Your advice is invaluable :) I forwarded your post to L, and he said to say "thank you". We are seriously looking at the Miele now!
    @Notes from the Fatty File: I didn't think about CL. Thanks for the suggestion! And no, that's not gross. If we didn't have SO much carpet, I wouldn't even be considering such an expensive vacuum!
    @MayLove: Re: renting a carpet shampoo machine. We've been doing that every couple of months. Renting it from our local grocery store. It's amazing and gross to see what that machine picks up. Blech!
    @Amber: I wish we could use the BBB coupons! They are now wise to us super savers, and put a clause on the coupon that says "can't be used on Dyson products". Maybe I'll bring in an old coupon from 2008 or 09 and try and fool them :)
    @xoxo, C: We are definitely going to check out the Miele now. Thanks!
    @honey my heart: YES! Our place has SO much carpet. I actually wish we had less carpet...but this is what we've got. Hope all these great comments help you out :)

  20. I am a bit late commenting on this post (sorry). I am the proud owner of two Dysons (the yellow one and the purple animal one). I LOVE my Dysons!!! We have two bulldogs that shed up a storm and it still amazes me (and grosses me out) how much hair these vacuums pick up. My FIL had me vacuum my carpet with my old Eureka. I did the three different direction vacuum like I normally do and swore that it had done a sufficient job. He then took his Dyson and re-vacuumed the room. I was in shock at how much more his vacuum cleaner picked up! It was insane. I was sold right then and there.

    I agree with everyone else to watch Kohls and Target. They constantly run great sales on these vacuum cleaners. We ended up getting a great deal on our pet Dyson (purple one) at Target thanks to a sale.

    Oh, and my mom thought we were ridiculous for spending that much money on a vacuum cleaner until I took my Dyson over to her house. She is now the proud new owner of one of the Dyson ball vacuums. She loves the maneuverability of it and swears by it. Pretty sure she will be a Dyson owner for life now! :-)

    Good luck and happy shopping!



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