11 July 2010

Summer Scent

I love to wear a light fragrance when I go out on summer evenings. I am really picky about scents, because if they are too strong they make me a bit nauseous. So what I like to do is spray a bit on in the store, and then walk around with it all day. If I still love it by day's end, it has passed the smelly test!

My current scent obsession (and splurge) is called Arabelle. It is from Anthropologie (big surprise!), and is quickly becoming my all time favorite. I can't get enough of it! Right after I spray it on, it instantly makes me feel more feminine and sexy.

What is your favorite scent right now?


  1. My fave is the purple bottle from philosophy - smells like marshmallows! :)

  2. For the summer, I like Lovely by SJP...it's a really fresh scent but it lasts too!

  3. i am the same way, a scent that is too strong, makes me slightly nauseous. so i'm definitely going to try out your recommendation :) also really like chanel gardenia.

  4. @BigAppleNosh @Amy @honey my heart: Thanks, ladies, for the recommendations!



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