13 August 2010

Cool Friday

I was flipping through the newest Urban Outfitters catalog (the one that comes addressed to my little brother that I steal). The photo shoot locations looked oddly familiar, but I didn't really think twice about it.

Then I was on Twitter the next day, and I read that the catalog was shot in Northampton, MA and at my alma mater, Smith College! I can't believe I didn't recognize the campus (and the library - hello! I spent HOURS in there like any respectable nerd) the first time I looked through the catalog. Has it been that long since I graduated? Umm, no answer.

Regardless, I had to share with you because I thought it was really cool. Isn't the scenary so gorgeous?! I can't believe I spent four years there. Awww, LOVE.

To see the full catalog go here.

That body of water in the background is known as Paradise Pond. Smith girls have been known to swim naked in there. I was M.I.A. the day they did that.

More pond shots, and an awesome tree swing where, as a naive first year student, I witnessed two girls making out. My all women's education was priceless on so many levels.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourselves.

P.S. It's Friday the 13th! Spoooooky.


  1. smith is beautiful! I went to umass and a friend of mine went to smith - what a small world :)

  2. I live in Northampton! Right on the south east border of Smith about a 5 min. walk to town. We moved here in May and are loving it! It's no Boston but we are loving every second here. Love your blog :)

  3. Wow, beautiful school! I went to a city school, so I'm always wishing I had that campus experience :)

  4. what an awesome surprise to find your campus in a catalog :) it looks like a really pretty place.

  5. @ens: You went to UMASS?! I took a class there my sophomore year. Wow, it IS a small world!

    @Christina: I can't believe you live in Noho! That's awesome. I miss that place. Have you been to Green St. Cafe yet? Teapot? Spoleto's? I gained 10 pounds while living there. The food was sooo good :)

  6. I happened to be reading "My Life In France" by Julia Child, who also went to Smith. Random factoid that you probably already knew, but your post made me think of it. Have a great weekend!

  7. Carly, I have been to Green St. . so good. Not Teapot (Is it good? It looks kind of cheesy from the outside :))and not Spoleto although we did go to Spoleto Express because it was by the grocery store. The food here is sooo good. I have also gained 10 lbs. Its no Boston life but we are enjoying it.

  8. @Christina: Teapot was the spot in college because they used to serve us alcohol before we turned 21 ;) The food isn't spectacular, but pretty decent. Spoleto's is amazing. I think they built Spoleto's Express the year I graduated. We used to drive to Boston all the time to go bar hopping. So much fun! :)

  9. @MayLove: Julia Child donated her house to Smith after she passed away. I thought that was awesome!



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