23 August 2010

Date Night

On Saturday, L and I had an impromptu date night.

It was very much needed. We got to a point where the passive aggressive grinding of each other's gears had reached maximum capacity.

We both have hot tempers and strong opinions. Maybe we spar more than the average couple? But it's how things work over here at Casa de Loco. Throughout the past seven years, I have grown to accept that. We aren't the poster children for perfect relationship communication. Eh, boo-freakin'-hoo.

So back to date night.

Gone are the days when I look at my husband and think, "Ooooh, he's SOOOO hot. I just can't keep my hands off of him 24/7." Sorry, the "all over each other 24/7" phase ended a long time ago. Now I'm more likely to look at him and think, "Did he take the dogs out for their walk yet?"

Being married means we see each other day in and day out. We both have moments where we are not in a good mood or when we don't feel we look our best. We're human, and our life certainly isn't a photo shoot.

Anyway, my point through the haze of all of this bullshit is that a date night allows both of us to become visually appealing to each other again, and that's a great thing. I get dolled up, and actually wear eye make-up. My husband puts on cologne and gels his hair.

Sexual chemistry? Why, hello there. Where have you been?!

We had dinner (Umami Burger, may I marry you?) and drinks (Busby's in West LA). It wasn't like we re-invented the wheel or anything. But, there were a few specific moments there when I looked at my husband and thought,

"Damn. He's hot."

It was also great to reconnect, and talk about all the things we haven't gotten to discuss due to our busy week day schedules. That was nice, too. I can't recall what we talked about though. Did I mention my husband smelled nice? ;)

On the drive home, the dark city streets and the summer breeze from the car's open window felt so invigorating. Date night had breathed air into our relationship's tired lungs. As I settled in the nook of L's arm, I turned the radio up and he dedicated this song to me.

I remembered one of the million reasons why I married him: he's super sweet.

Every woman should have someone in their life who dedicates this song to them. By the way, Bruno Mars is so talented. We saw him live. Take my word for it; he's amazing.

Do you take the time to "date"? A few words of advice - if you feel like taking a bat to your spouse's head, you might need a date night.


  1. Nodding my head like yeah. Dave and I have a date night once a month. I tell him what to wear, put on my false eyelashes and a pair of heels. It is nice! Some days I just don't want to talk and want to do my own thing but date nights are all about US! We usually do dinner and drinks too!

  2. Mm Umami burger. We really should have more date nights! But I do turn to him and think how lucky I am!

    p.s. Gotta e-mail you, are you around the week we talked about? Would love to get together if you're free though I'm also trying to iron out my schedule too!

  3. Such a great idea; I think the Mister and I might be reaching that point soon ;)

  4. My ex husband and I had a weekly date night on the books EVERY WEEK! This was treated like any other event. We HAD to have it. We didn't allow any else to be scheduled during this agreed upon time.

    We also usually took turns planning it. I'd decide what to do one week, he'd decide what to do the next week.

    And when we were broke, we still made it fun and called it $15 date night. We'd rent a movie and get dessert out instead of getting a full meal, or something like that. It was ALWAYS fun, and helped us feel like the biggest priority to one another.

  5. We also had a date night Saturday. We don't have them often enough, but I've been talking about going to a couple of "fancy" restaurants since we didn't really do that on our honeymoon. Saturday was our 3 month anniversary so we decided that was as good a day as any. After the super crappy morning we had, a fancy dinner, some shopping and then coffee and dessert was exactly what we needed! Then we came home and the dog had peed in his crate and laid in it, which kinda killed the mood. :(

  6. I love date night. We've been bad about scheduling them but we've got one coming up in a few weeks. Really looking forward to a night out!

  7. Yes! Our schedules allow us to spend a lot of time together, more than the average couple, I think. But date night is still so important! We both really enjoy cooking and rarely go out, so date night out is always a nice treat and gets us out of our ho hum daily grind.

  8. sometimes i think we fight more than the average couple--but maybe not. Most people don't fight in front of others.
    we rarely plan a 'date night' we usually just grab dinner and come home for a movie. but I like the idea of going out for a date--makes it a little more special.

  9. Date nights are the best!! Glad you and your hubs were able to reconnect! Gotta love cologne :)

  10. Carly, you should write for a living.

    Okay, back to the topic at hand: date night. We don't really have date nights. We probably should. Like very other couple on the planet we have our issues and we grate on each others nerves plenty. He probably thinks I'm a slob and I think he's insufferable after a few drinks. Will date night cure that?

    I enjoyed reading this and appreciate your candor and love that you guys could reconnect. Also: hello, Umami Burger? Anything with the word umami in it deserves several visits. Wish we had one here.

  11. Looks like we have a new place to hit up next time we are in LA!
    Our date nights are more sporadic, but we just had one the other week where we had dinner and took a walk on the beach while the sun was setting. I think date night is really important to have some alone time, glad you ended the night thinking L was hot!

  12. i'm definitely thinking that the hubs and i need one of these date nights.

  13. @Chic n' Cheap Living: I need to email you! Let me check my schedule!

  14. Ahhh I love this. Even though hubs and I are very content to just sit at home with me sans makeup, both in PJ's...it just feels NICE to have an excuse to get dolled up...and go out on a date. It makes me feel giddy to be out in public with my man ;)



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