25 August 2010

I Crossed Over to the Other Side


That's right.

I am now the new owner of an iPhone.

I feel like the last kid in college to turn 21.

Better late than never, right?

To obtain said phone, I waited in line with a bunch of neurotic people. (The guy behind me almost broke out in hives when he was told there was only a "limited quantity" of phones left. Breathe, buddy. It's gonna be okay.)

Then I laughed at the false pretentiousness that is the Apple Store.

What is up with some of those people? Not the ones working there, but the customers. If they aren't busy motoring around the store flashing their Apple phones, laptops, computers, or whatever, they are throwing hissy fits over at the "Genius Bar". Pure comedy.


So far, I...

1) downloaded Echofon.
2) downloaded Fruit Ninja.
3) let L "FaceTime" with my brother which turned into a mooning session (oh, boys). The newest PG-13 rated FaceTime commercial, anyone?
4) took my phone's first picture. I look drunk (I wasn't, just greasy), and the flash got messed up because the protective cover was still on.

5) am quickly discovering that my new little toy kicks my Blackberry's ass from here to the moon.

Anyone else in love with their iPhone?


  1. I wish! I sooo want an IPhone, but I refuse to leave Verizon. It's the best cell phone reception in the NYC area, so I am staying with them. Apparently, Droids are okay, but I have a Mac so I'd love everything to be seamless. Some day....

  2. Awesome! I'm really dupid when it comes to my iPhone...thus I hate it. But I also have the old, janky 3G version...that I bought refurbished a year and a half ago. And now it's a little busted and doesn't work quite right. Time for a new one. You make me want the 4...or maybe wait for the 5 (who needs to be able to answer calls, anyway--mine drops them and freezes). That was long, sorry.

    Congrats on your new phone! Love all the fun times you downloaded!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone. I had the 3 and just had to get the 4 when I lost my 3. The 4 is great and I don't know how I would ever live w/o my iPhone now!

  4. I'd love an iphone, but I can't type on it for my life (tried it on hubby's). My droid will have to do for now!

  5. i scored myself an iphone 4 last week as well! :) my first iphone, and i must say it's a fun little device! haha.. i have been downloading all these fun apps (fruit ninja)!! however, i have to say i'm not use to the touchscreen keypad compared to the bb keypad.. you find it the same? :)

  6. AWESOME!!! My hubby is drooling over it but wants to wait until Verizon gets it, AT&T has sucky service in our area! My calls drop like flies and it drive me insane, just waiting for my contract to expire!

  7. We don't have AT&T coverage available in my part of the country, so I must wait until Verizon picks it up. There are rumors of next year tho...

  8. Love my iPhone and cannot wait to get the iPhone 4 next year (when my current contract ends).

  9. @amanda: I am still getting used to the touch screen. It is driving me nuts right now!

  10. ooo, iphone :) i'm still on blackberry but we've had lots of conversations about switching.

  11. That picture is totally adorable. Take videos! We got some great videos in Bali with the iPhone!

  12. The has not been a phone to come out since 2007 that has been better than the iPhone. So many more apps to get lady! Get to downloading!!!

  13. Aha!!!! I JUST got my iPhone 4 this week too! I'm trying really hard to not let it take over my life, because it is pretty...freakin...awesome. Mind you, I haven't had a new phone in FIVE years. Yes. FIVE. I had a pink RAZR up until this week. It served me well, but now having a phone with a data package and all the fun goodies...I die. Hope you're enjoying it!

  14. I just got the iphone (3gs) last month and I'm in love with it! I don't know how I did without it. Do yourself a favor and get Words with Friends! Best game ever. 8)



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