11 November 2010

Here We Go

What have I been up to?

Well, let's see.
  • Doing a lot of online shopping.
  • Reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  • Making an appointment with a new OBGYN. Which lead to...
  • ...sitting with my feet in the stirrups...AGAIN! (Oh well, I'm used to it.)
When I got my surgery last year (wow, it's been a YEAR) I was seeing my gynecologic oncologist fairly regularly to monitor the state of my affairs down there. Yet, it had become apparent in the past few months that I really needed and wanted an OBGYN. I have a lot of fertility-related questions, and it feels good to have a fertility specialist taking care of me.

The appointment was pretty much standard procedure. It's funny though. I felt like a total cliche sitting in the waiting room. L and I were surrounded by pregnant women, their overly cautious husbands, and BABIES. Oh goodness - so many babies! Babies on their mama's laps. Babies in strollers. Hundreds of pictures of babies.


And there we were. The little not pregnant Asian couple. How cute. And there I was: the super NERD carrying around my dogeared copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and a folder of my latest ultrasound and blood work up results.


I had one of those out of body experiences. I turned to L and was like, "Who are we and what the hell is going on?"

And he was like, "I have absolutely no idea."

Then they called my name and L followed me in to have a consultation with the new doctor. She asked me 95% of the questions.

Then she turned to L and asked him one question...about the state of his testicles.

Here we go...


  1. LOL, poor L- bet he didn't see that one coming! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Good for you! Take charge of what you want and make it happen. I believe in you! :o)

  3. wow...i would have loved to see the expression on his face!

  4. We missed you, Carly!
    I hope this new OBGYN really helps and that you're soon the little very pregnant Asian couple sitting in the waiting room. *hugs*

  5. hope the obgyn provides you with help and good news :)

  6. Good Luck! and Good for you for taking charge :)

  7. Just read this-- sending good thoughts your way- or should I send them to L?



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