20 January 2011

Beautiful Mom

When I first saw this picture, I gasped a little, because it is just so beautiful. Miranda Kerr is a gorgeous mama.

Yeah, I know. She's a Victoria's Secret model.

But, there is so much more to this photo than her outer beauty. She exudes this sense of calm deep in her eyes. She's nursing her little baby, Flynn, and it's just perfection.

Oh my! I melt...

I'll take celebrity photos like this any day over the posed, overly photoshopped, fake stuff we usually see.


  1. That is SO sweet! I love this picture...just perfect picture of mommyhood. :-)

  2. Such a classic picture.. beauty, defined.

  3. i absolutely love this photo. I saw it yesterday and my heart melted. Something just so beautiful about motherhood and breastfeeding!

  4. I love this calm, natural shot too! It's funny that I read a post yesterday with the exact opposite reaction, though. And everyone who commented agreed it was too 'in your face.' I think it's gorgeous!



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