21 January 2011

Just Me.

I am inspired by all of these women.

This is me. No make-up. No hairstyling. Straight out of camera.

Just me, my uneven bangs, and L's camera equipment :)

On normal days, I wear moisturizer, foundation, under-eye concealer, blush, eyebrow pencil, chapstick and/or lip gloss, mascara, and neutral eyeshadow. If I'm going out or it's a special occasion, I wear more. I use a blow dryer and a curling iron on my hair every day.

It's refreshing to show my bare face to the world.

I try and take decent care of my skin. I dislike when people {like my doctor} flippantly say "Asian women don't age". Maybe good genes help, but Asian women DO have the ability to look old and wrinkly just like any other race. Asian women can be obsessive about their skin, and their avoidance of the sun. So maybe that contributes to their lack of premature wrinkles? Regardless, everyone needs to take good care of their skin!

Well now I'm off on a tangent. I'm gonna go now.

I encourage you to participate in this project, too.

Life is too short to go around feeling apologetic for the face you show to the world. - Tara

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourselves.


  1. You look gorgeous! I really like the first pic, it should be in a magazine!

  2. You are so pretty :) I'm glad you did this too!

    And I know this is totally creepy - but you have such nice lips! I have pretty thin lips (well, more like my top lip is nonexistent), so I always admire those with pretty pouts!

  3. I'd KILL for my hair and skin to look that good naturally!

  4. I think you are quite beautiful just the way you are. :)

  5. You are so naturally beautiful and my gosh...if my skin and hair looked like that with zero help...I'd never have to waste time or money on makeup and hair products.

  6. Love that ending quote!

    As I just got engaged (yeah, you read that right!) to my best friend of 13 years, I'm looking forward to a wedding that is "us" - relaxed and lovely.

    There is a true confidence in being at peace in your own skin. :)

  7. you are beautiful. And i love your freckles. You should be proud to say that your outsides are just as gorgeous as your soul... :Have a great weekend!:

  8. Beautiful Carly! Love the first shot staring out at us!

  9. You're beautiful -- and that first shot is perfection.

  10. Thank you all SO much! You helped me feel good about posting these pictures.

    @J. Darling: Engaged?! Wow! Congratulations! Did you blog about the engagement yet?!



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