24 January 2011

Saturday at the Park

Saturday was a good day. L came home from his business trip on Friday night, and as much as I razz him, I definitely missed having him around. We celebrated his homecoming by getting outdoors and enjoying the nice L.A. weather.

I was excited because I got to wear my new Eryn Brinie top from Gilt! It's quickly becoming a favorite.

Saturday's Fashion:

Top {Eryn Brinie via Gilt}
Super Tight Jeans {Levi's}
Ballerina Flats {Banana Republic}
Sunglasses {Ray-Ban}
Purse {Anthropologie}


  1. great outfit for your day in the park :)

  2. What lovely weather (compared to the 8-degree weather here!) and I heart your outfit :)

  3. Awesome outfit. I can definitely see why that top is becoming a favorite. It's so striking!



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