17 January 2011

Weekend in iPhone Photos

Dinner in Santa Monica at this place called Zengo. We only went because we had a really great coupon. The food was good, but it felt horribly touristy... expected for Santa Monica, but still annoying.

I made L snap this picture of my official night-on-the-town outfit to share on the blog. I rarely dress up these days, so I thought I'd better catalog it. I finally got to wear my Ruche dress that I've been waiting to wear for awhile. I LOVE it! I paired it with my trusty, old Steve Madden boots that I see every woman in L.A. wearing. Oh well.

The next morning we found ourselves awake before 9 a.m. HUGE for a Saturday. We dropped off little Henry at his groomer's and explored downtown for awhile. First stop: Starbucks. Next stop: a spontaneous trip to MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art).

I kept an open mind, because I often have a difficult time with contemporary art. I want to get it. I really do.

This is me post-MOCA sans shower and in my workout clothes. At first, I felt slightly embarrassed to be wandering around (in a museum, for that matter) looking so disheveled. But I got over myself, and felt rather liberated!

Then it was Sunday, and I watched L leave on a jet plane. He is out of town on a work trip all this week, and I'm sleeping alone. Poop.

How was your weekend? Did you guys watch the Golden Globes? The Social Network swept. Really, people? Maybe I should see it again. I also need to get my butt to the movies theater to watch all the other films before the Oscars.


  1. Your bangs look super cute, and I love the outfit!

    I think it's completely okay not to "get" contemporary art. After working around Artists I find that the best approach to museums is to not take them too seriously, and if there's a kids audio guide, I'd rather listen to it than the adults! I have never been to MOCA, I've been meaning to make an L.A. to explore some museums other than the Getty.

  2. agree w/ mo, your bangs are banging! and great outfit :)

    i've been wanting to check out the exhibit that's at moca actually, even if i don't completely understand contemporary art, i find it fun to look at :)

    hope your week goes well!

  3. Ohhh my gosh - I ADORE your going out outfit! You looked fabulous. And - I love the bangs.



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