11 February 2011

Ballerina Chic

{Source: LA Times Magazine}

I absolutely loved all of the photos from this shoot with Mila Kunis. I'm digging the little touches of ballerina style and, oh my goodness, that hair! I need to learn how to create a bun like that. Grow, hair, grow!

Anyway, I'm off to celebrate the weekend. Thank you all for the immense support this week, despite my hormonal dips and fits. Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourselves.

P.S. I am currently obsessed with the Nook Color. I really, really want one! Does anyone have a Nook or Nook Color? Any advice or thoughts?


  1. she is just stunning isn't she? do you think that's her real hair?

  2. I have a Nook Color! It was a gift for Christmas from Paul. It is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. When I turn a page, I forget that it's not an actual book! Unlike the Kindles, you can read at night without a light, there are a million books available, download is super quick, and another bonus: you can click over to Facebook while reading! Their web function is fantastic. it sucks that to use the web function you must be in a wireless area, but when you are it's great. You can read the books and all that anywhere, so that doesn't matter. And if you bring the nook to B&N there are deals on their site that you can use while in store, not to mention their "free reading for an hour" of a book online in-store. You can also lend books to friends who also have a nook. Seriously, it's the best gift I've ever received!

  3. @ruthy ann: You know, I just realized after you said that, that's probably a hair piece!! :)

    @Amber: Thanks, A!! Now I want one even more :) What a great and thoughtful gift. Good job, Paul! I love the "free reading for an hour" feature. I could get used to that.

    @J. Darling: Sigh. Yes she does!

  4. LOVE my nook. I don't have the color one, but I like the bw because it's eink and better on your eyes than the color screen. Food for thought. But get a nook- they rock. We can be friends and share lendable books!!

  5. I think I'm obsessed with Mila Kunis, at this point.

  6. Gorgeous shoot and I want her legs! I still have the Kindle but how cool if it was in color!



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