28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Friday

{Photo: ABC News}

Love is definitely in the air.

Congratulations William and Catherine!

Wishing you all a fairytale weekend filled with everything that is good.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Ray!


  1. I stayed up until 4:30am watching it! I actually thought of you when I saw her dress! :-)
    What a magical thing to watch. It was amazing!! Even though I am a sap anyway...I blame my pregnancy hormones, I cried a few times. haha!

  2. Her dress TOTALLY reminded me of your dress!!

  3. @Cheap Wife: I totally cried, and I'm not even pregnant! I am a big sap!

    @Jessica May Lords: Thank you!! That makes me smile :)

  4. Yay for your brother! BTW I love your outfit. I wish we had that weathwr here instead of this extreme heat.



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