18 July 2011

Love is...

I have been trying to read the newspaper every morning with breakfast. Like the actual newspaper, not online. Apparently, the LA Times, in a fit of desperation perhaps, automatically upgraded our plan to the daily paper for the same price we paid previously for the Thursday through Sunday editions.

I eat my Eggo waffle, hold up the paper, and it makes me feel like a grown-up. A silly indulgence in this era of everything-is-online.

And just when I thought there was no actual benefit to reading my paper, I stumbled across this...

I used to collect these and put them in my diary. They always made me really happy. Still do. 


  1. oh i love that quote! i always read the paper standing up ... i think your way is so much more relaxing!

  2. Love reading the paper, it's easy to catch headlines on the www, but reading an actual paper makes me feel the story.

  3. i love "love is"!! there may be a few i have in a journal some where.

  4. @Faith: Sometimes I'll read the paper standing up, too! :)

    @conventionalbliss: So true. I definitely feel the same way - more invested in the story.

    @Nikkiana: Isn't it cute? :)

    @honey my heart: Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one that collected them!

  5. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen that comic in forever!! It reminds me of my aunt's house - she always had those and ziggy comics hanging on her fridge. :)



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