18 August 2011

Adele at the Hollywood Palladium

L and I finally got to see Adele in concert last night! It felt like the concert gods did NOT want us to see her. This was a rescheduled concert after Adele fell ill earlier this year. We had amazing seats at the original venue. Then the venue changed to the Palladium which is standing room only. WTF? I'm not 14 anymore. This old lady needs to sit down every now and then. I wasn't too pleased about that. 

We fought an hour and a half of grueling rush hour traffic to get to Hollywood. When we finally found the venue, L pulled into the first parking lot he could find. It ended up being a few city blocks away from the Palladium. I was already in a foul mood, and now you are telling my lazy ass to walk? Oh, hell no. I proceeded to whine and complain, and L was probably thinking, "The woman I married is somewhere in there hiding. Hopefully she'll be back later." 

Then I got low blood sugar, and L stood in line for 30 minutes to get me a hot dog. Did I mention I was in rare form last night? Believe it. I stood alone in the venue watching Wanda Jackson, the opening act. She was hilarious, fun, and she was once Elvis's girlfriend. Pretty cool. 

Finally, L came back with my hot dog, and Adele was next. At the last minute, L chatted with an usher who told us we could sit in actual SEATS. Apparently, there was a section roped off for disabled guests, but the super top secret was that the area was also open to people who had amazing seats at the previous venue, but got ripped off due to the venue change. Ummm, that was us! We were so excited. 

I kinda look like myself again. Nice Carly was back. Also, L was happy to get a beer. 

Then she came on, and it's like the whole room faded away. We recorded this treat especially for my blog friends. Adele looks like a little speck in the video, but man, that voice. It gives me the chills. Listen around the 1:00 mark for something awesome. She is very funny and witty. Seeing her live was really a treat. Highly recommended.


  1. How fun! We have a concert coming next month (Fleet Foxes) and I can't wait! I have a giveaway going on. . . http://selfishlyhappy.blogspot.com/2011/08/book-review-hunger-games-series.html

  2. How cool!! I love Adele and despite the rocky start it seems like you had a great time. And I get low blood sugar too, so I totally know where you're coming from :)

  3. At least she's actually SINGING! That's awesome! I stopped going to concerts when I only got 1 or 2 actually LIVE songs. Looks like you had a great time when all is said and done. :)

  4. I agree about that voice! And don't you just love it when musicians inject their personalities into their performances?

    P.S. — Loving your hair!

  5. So lucky to have gotten to see her! One I hope I will. :)

  6. sounds amazing. it's great how the night could just turn around like that. i really want to see adele.

  7. that is so awesome! i want to see her! she has such an incredible voice!

    loving your hair!

  8. Omg, who cares about Adele. I love your hair! I've been away too long!

  9. p.s. it's creature-gorgeous. couldn't post via my google account for some reason.



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