17 October 2011

An October Sunday

We had the opportunity to take the pups out on Sunday for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. There was not a cloud in the sky. We have been trying to take Emma and Henry out once a weekend, because during the week they only get shorter, "hurry and do your business"-type walks. It's relaxing to just stroll, and let the dogs enjoy being out. 

In other news, this was my first weekend of feeling semi-normal in almost three weeks. A post is coming soon with an update on those annoying Paxil withdrawals. Spoiler: there is a light at the end of the tunnel! (knock on wood)

Do you find time to take your dog(s) on long walks? How do you incorporate it into your busy schedule? (Let's face it - everyone is busy!) 


  1. Glad to see that you got out to enjoy the beautiful weather!

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling better!! :)

  3. Before Clydas had to lose a couple of toes, we walked 1 mile every day together. It was just 1 loop around the apartment complex, but rain or shine, he needs it to keep his Boxer figure, and it's GREAT for me to get outside as well!
    I can't wait until he's healed and we can explore some more trails.

  4. Thanks, gals!

    @J.Darling: How is sweet Clydas? I'll have to check in on your blog to get an update. Hope he's doing better.

  5. Great top! And when did you get a haircut? Where have I been?! Cute. :)

    I hope you've been well. Time has been flying since Gavin was born. Wow.


  6. this looks like a wonderful time to spend a sunday. glad to hear you are doing better :)

  7. I really wish we had more time to take Lucia on long walks. She loves them, but it seems so hard to fit into the schedule sometimes! Thankfully, the weather has cooled off here in Florida, so the husband and I have been making an effort the past two weeks to take a walk/run with her after work 1-2 times a week at least!



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