7 October 2011

Thank You and Nail Art

I want to thank you all for your words on my last post. I also received several emails from some amazing ladies, and I am truly touched. I'll respond further in another post after I have had time to process everything, but just know that your kind thoughts have meant so much. I love you guys! <3


I wanted to end the week on a silly note. No more heavy talk until at least next week, okay? ;) I noticed this post in my drafts folder, and thought it might be fun to have this extremely important discussion.

Nail Art.

I have seen a lot of celebrities, fashion bloggers, etc. making a statement with their nails. I'm not convinced my old, lazy ass can get on board with this. I mean, it's hard enough for me to keep one polish color on my nails at one time. Can I handle the art?

An example of some nail artwork. On an unrelated note, Fergie, give the "parting down the middle" look a rest. Your poor hair. 

Have you sported nail art? Would you sport it? Do tell!

If you haven't done so, consider entering my drawing for $100 worth of make-up. It's free to you. Why not?


  1. the closest i've gotten to nail art would be painting one finger on each hand in a contrasting or glittery shade. that's about as far as i think i'll be able to go.

    thinking of you today. ♥xoxo

  2. i'm not cool enough for painted nails, so nail art would be insane on me. i do love it on others tho!!

    hope you have a good weekend carly!

  3. Last week we went to the Swedish equivalent of Big Lots and I saw scotch tape and but it in the basket, my husband asked why I need tape and I said so I can do my nails like the people on the internet. Needless to say that was met with some serious head shaking and muttering! The thing is the though I am now to lazy to actually use it!



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