12 June 2012

Girls, Sprinkles Ice Cream, etc.

Happy June, everyone!

I should have a little more free time soon, and I'd love to get back into blogging. Actually, I have a lot of ideas for a new blog; one that doesn’t take itself quite as seriously as this one often does. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with getting back to posting here, shall we? 

Here are some random mental notes on a TV show and ice cream. I said it was random. 

GIRLS - A Short Review

I have been faithfully watching the new HBO show Girls that premiered back in April. The first episode got me so pumped. I couldn't wait to see more! Since then, there have been a lot of ups and downs for me. I can't say I see my early twenties self in any of the characters, except Hannah…vaguely. I, too, have wanted to be a writer (and still do). I, too, have dealt with the difficulties of life in my twenties. The thing I can't remember is being so insanely annoying and whiny about it like this circle of friends. Ok, I know when I graduated college, I was overly emotional and had that "the world revolves around me and my future" attitude. But was I that bad? I suppose it's possible. Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to tell these gals to STFU every episode. And don't get me started on Shoshanna. Ugh. 

So why watch the show? While I really wish some of the characters had more depth, I keep watching because of Lena Dunham. I love that she writes, produces, and directs. I love that she's smart, young, and fresh. I actually enjoyed her seemingly pointless indie film, Tiny Furniture, and would be interested in seeing more of her work in the future. But as far as Girls is concerned, I'd be surprised if it comes back for a second season. (This is a moot point. Apparently, Hannah and the gang have already been renewed for Season 2. Make it a good one, girls!!) 

My conclusion: The show has had a few bright spots, but overall, I can’t say it has really done much to captivate me.

Anyone watching Girls?  

Sprinkles Ice Cream  

Awhile back, we stopped by Sprinkles Ice Cream. When you are a fan of Sprinkles Cupcakes, and they tempt you with goodies like red velvet sugar cones, salty caramel ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches made with two cupcake tops (!!!!) , you RUN to check it out. 

What we were met with was a decent ice cream shop, but nothing to write home about. Like many things in L.A., it doesn't live up to its hype. L read on Yelp that at some point in time, people waited two hours for this shit. Wow, you are stupid.

It’s ice cream. No more, no less. The shop is really cute. Service was polite and quick. Their mint chip was nasty. This made me sad, because I love me a good mint chip. They only have select flavors available every day, and when I went they were out of salty caramel, and most of their more unique flavors. Boo. 

Red velvet ice cream in a red velvet sugar cone. Not too shabby.
We got two cones to go, and ate them while walking down Rodeo Drive. It was a nice treat to do a little window shopping. It sure beat sitting out in front of the store trying to look cool with a bunch of other tools that paid $3.50 a scoop for over-hyped ice cream.

My conclusion: While good, it certainly wasn't an orgasm on a cone or anything. I am still partial to Thrifty's, because I'm a cheap date. As much as I'm criticizing, it could be worth a visit if you are really curious. Also, if your sweet tooth is aching, you can always stop by Sprinkes and grab a few cupcakes. Just sayin.


  1. Okay, that sprinkles ice cream just made me desperately want ice cream, and its not even 8 am in the morning.

    Regarding Girls, I disagree :) I would be shocked if it didn't come back a second season. In my city it's pretty much the most talked about show on TV.

    And Shoshanna, as annoying as she is, actually cracks me up!

  2. There is nothing better than Thrifty's ice cream, I am convinced! It's kind of depressing how much stuff in LA is built on hype and how little of it manages to live up to expectations.

  3. Thrify's is great! I remember when it was $.50/scoop! :)

    We learned that there are some AMAZING ice cream places up here! If you ever find a MORA ice cream- let me know! I'd be happy to send you a gift card and sponsor that review!

  4. I'm watching Girls - I totally agree with how you feel about the characters, but I still enjoy it every week. It's a nice change from the usual reality garbage that I tune into each week.

  5. Girls was already renewed back at the end of April for a 2nd Season. I agree there are some high and low points, but I think it such an interesting show, I love watching it.

  6. @Stephanie and @Meagan: It has?! LOL, I guess I'm only a month and a half behind on my cable TV show news! That's great that it has been renewed. I'm interested to see where they go from here. I think I am still waiting for them to match the first episode where I was laughing the whole way through. :)



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