28 April 2016

4 Tips for Maintaining Sanity During the Two Week Wait

I am back in the land of the two week wait. It feels somewhat surreal. It's hard to have hope when trying naturally feels like such a long shot. My body usually forces a period before I even have a chance to take a pregnancy test. What can I say? I'm special.

I was actually pretty shocked earlier this month when the ovulation kit was positive. I'll give my body a well deserved pat on the back for that one. My therapist told me that I should remain faithful to this experience and that pregnancy is something that will happen. Her words felt like nails on a chalkboard. I wanted to scream, "Noooooo! That would jinx it!!" Over the years, I have developed a lot of superstitions and assuming that a second pregnancy WILL happen feels almost cocky. I'm not comfortable being that confident. I'd rather sit in my miserable corner of uncertainty and lament.

The two week wait is essentially one gigantic mind fuck whether you're infertile or not. I've been through it so many times, I forgot that there might be women out there who have never experienced a two week wait or are new to this.

Here are a few tips I have picked up throughout seven long years (give or take) of TWWs:

Make a conscious decision to get off the emotional rollercoaster. 
Tell yourself that your body is going to do its thing regardless of obsessive symptom checking, googling your various shades of discharge, or any other odd behavior you've developed while waiting to pee on a stick. Whether this means taking a nice walk, meditating, or whatever else you need to do to get out of your own head, do it. The bottomline: simplify your life and stay off Google.

Try to hold off on peeing on a stick for as long as possible. 
Peeing too early is likely going to give you a negative result that will send you on a downward spiral of googling (yes, trying to conceive can involve TONS of potential googling) and frustration. While the prospect of peeing on a stick is really exciting (especially if you are in the first few cycles of trying to conceive), try and hold strong. You can do it!

Hug your spouse. 
Trying to conceive has been known to make me a little (a lot) edgy. The process can feel very clinical especially after months or years of trying to conceive. Remember to support your spouse as they support you. Plan a date night or something fun in the days leading up to your testing date.

Don't beat yourself up.
If you happen to have a glass or wine or you aren't eating all the organic things, give yourself a break. Many women pay closer attention to healthy lifestyle habits when they are trying to conceive. Again, the longer it takes for you to conceive, the more likely it is that you will feel like you need to eat the perfect food, never miss taking the perfect prenatal vitamin, get the perfect amount of sleep, drink the perfect amount of water, and have the perfect level of stress in your life. My advice? Let some of it go. 


  1. Hugs to you. And, if not wine to get you through the two week wait, then retail therapy :)

  2. Fingers crossed for you! I myself have two years of TWWs under my belt (damn them!) they suck! But thank you for the perspective that's it's only two and not seven.



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